Hello my name is Scott Carson and my company Carson Investment Services LLC has been working on this project for years for our campaign to setup the upcoming website for the 'Power Ball Data and Result Information.        The Power Ball Data and Result Information is operated by Carson Investment Services LLC, as we are working with Legal Zoom to include these new services under the goverment and state licenses.       Our business is listed under 'Investment Data Services' with Google AdWords, but we are in some other fields from "Stock Market Investment Services to retails.        We provide data information for every drawing for the Power Ball game, and this campaign is for to raise the required funding, as our goal is $2000.        Once we reach our goal we are going to use the funds that were raised to make a pitch to an angel investor for either $1 million or $2 million dollars to get the website off the ground.      Our company is going to be competing with Lottolishus that is an online website to play from Power Ball tickets to Mega Million tickets.        Except we will have a totally different type of lottery pool, as for each member that joins Lottolishus has to try and get other folks to signup and join there pool.        At Carson Investment Services LLC, we are looking at a totally different way, as there will be no requirement to get someone to signup underneath you?        Plus to play a Power Ball ticket with Lottolishus from out of California cost each member $2 dollars per ticket?       So we decided the best way to do this is what we call bulking your Power Ball tickets for just 25 cents, and how it works?          A player can pick out a set of six numbers when the website has offically opened, and make there 25 wager on the ticket and once they had approved this ticket then it will go into play for an upcoming Power Ball drawing.       Then that ticket ends up going onto the bulletin board for other members to reveiw, and then the members can add another 25 cents to one of your tickets that is on that list and once it has generated 12 quarters to equal to $3 dollars then that ticket will go into play.        Players can start from wagering from $1 dollar and up, and a $100 wager would give a player 400 chances to win money on the Power Ball game.        The quarters are like bulking for multiple tickets, and so no requirements to get someone to signup in a pool, as the tickets selected by different members when they wager 25 cents and they can choose as many tickets they want to go into play on the Power Ball game.           Plus our services provides data, like our performance page that tells you how well the most past recent Power Ball drawings have done and also gives you percentage rating odds on how many hits for certain different sets of patterns from 35 to 36 numbers for each drawing.         A brand new feature coming for the website, as we are working on the Frequency Pattern Line, as this little item reseaches the most recent six numbers that were drawn.          Another cool thing about this new feature it can breakdown individual numbers, and tell you which of these numbers that are sitting in a line that have a high frequency of coming in after that number has been drawn.
          Now the cool thing is that this can be used by members when they join our services, because even if that number doesn't show up from that individual number and it will still be there when that same individual number pos up again.       And still have that high frequency rate to show up, because this part of the system looks for the overdue hign frequency numbers sitting on that line for that number.         With the edition of the Frequency Pattern Line, and the data from the performance page work together, as the frequency for overdue numbers are mostly under 10 main numbers.        Those under 10 numbers are considered as your primary numbers, and so the performance page is where to search for those numbers?          If the number is a Power Ball that is being examined, then locating ones that match that have the ratings return of 40 percent or higher just for the Power Ball itself, as each different Power Ball sets consist of no more than 11 Power Balls.         Now if those under 10 are your white balls, as the best sets of white balls start at 180 percent and up.         The data provided by Carson Investment Services LLC is for folks who like to place multiple tickets in play for the Power Ball game.          But this campaign for creating the website, and to save people money, as a $200 investment would allow you to pick out 800 Power Ball tickets with the value of 25 cent for each one of them.           Any and all tickets won are split by 12 or in other terms your ticket wins 1/12th to each player.          But here is our data information page link at:

After making your donation to the campaign, as your $5 dollars will present you with 20 prepaid Power Ball tickets for a future drawing, and include your email address to send you our membership forms to be filled out.         When you receive the email from Carson Investment Services LLC, we will include our fax phone number so that you can send in the form in as soon as possible.           With this donation campaign we are waving the $20 dollar one time membership fee if you make your donation now.      

        With this special offer included for all US residence, when you make a $10 dollar donation to the campaign, we are now offering a two for one card.         The two for ond card is good for one entire year for these five places to order food from:

Papa Johns
Pizza Hut
Little Caesars

       When you fill out the required information for making the $10 dollar donation, and under the message box were you added your email address tells which one of these two for one $10 dollar card that you want.         Look for in your emails for how to receive your two for one $10 dollar card, and included with your $10 dollar donation to the campaign you will earn 40 quarter prepaid future Power Ball tickets to select when the website opens.

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Scott Carson Amount: $ 10.00 Date Received: 05/26/2017
"As I am donating for the creation of this website to have multiple Power Ball tickets with my $10 dollars, as I will have 40 prepaid tickets when the site is up and running. My savings is $110 dollars with the Power Ball Data and Result Information services, as others can also join to become a member to Carson Investment Services LLC and earn prepaid Power Ball tickets. Here is our company address: Carson Investment Services LLC. 1292 High Street Eugene, Oregon 97402. Each member will have multiple Power Ball tickets, and have more chances to win money and our data information will increase your odds in winning by 63 percent. As it is simple to donate for the website and earn prepaid Power Ball tickets just leave your name and address to receive our membership form in the mail, and it will have our fax number in the form to return to Carson Investment Services LLC. "